Welcome to Alice’s Wonder Slime!

Hi, I’m Alice. I am 9 years old and I just loooooove slime. It all started when I made some slime at home for show & tell, way back when I was only 7, and before you knew it, I had sold my show & tell. Mom fell in love with slime too, and now we’re a dream team!

We’re constantly coming up with new ideas and trying all sorts of interesting fun things with the aim to make slime without the grime! We have managed to make beautiful, fun Wonder Slime that doesn’t leave a mess. That’s what makes us different!

​We use between 8 and 14 ingredients in our various recipes! This is not your average You Tube Slime!

No need for extra Borax, just play play play!  ​​And best of all, it’s so cheap you can buy it with your pocket money!

Our DIY Slime kits can be ordered online for delivery to your door or order from our suppliers in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.  Click here to like our Facebook Page and see when we’ll be at a market or do workshops and explore the new Slimes we’ve come up with.  And we do Slime Parties too, so get in touch and let’s get “sliming”.

Storing your Slime

Important Information

Educational Information


  • Slime is sticky – it’s glue based. We do our best to make it as sticky-free as possible, but it will stick to clothes, carpets and you! We are not responsible if you get your slime into and onto places it shouldn’t be, so play responsibly!
  • DO NOT EAT. It smells amazing, but even though we use non-toxic ingredients, none of it is edible or good for you, so best avoid young children.  We suggest no under 3’s.
  • Keep it in the fridge if it gets too sticky, but it only gets sticky when it got wet, so don’t get it wet, unless you meant to
  • See our link to “Storing your Slime” for tips on how to rejuvenate your slime if it gets too tough.
  • Always wash your hands before playing with slime. It sticks to dirty hands and it gets stickier in warm hands.
  • All ingredients are water soluble, so it should dissolve in water if left to soak – just in case you do get it on your clothes!
  • Enjoy and have lots and lots of fun!


Should you need any information regarding the Coronavirus, please access the SA Government’s COVID-19 Portal at https://sacoronavirus.co.za