Educational Information

Alice’s Wonder Slime is the perfect tool to use in Occupational Therapy and sensory play with your kids. Not because we say so but because we’ve been told so.
A mom with a child on the spectrum writes:

We tried Alice’s Wonder Slime and the reviews are in! I could write a thousand words on how great it is but nothing will compare to this big smile right here. I made a promise to support more women in business so imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered that Alice is 7 (now 8) and the mastermind behind the business! She gave me her pitch: “May I suggest the butter slime; it’s firmer and won’t stick to clothing.” (Yaaaas!) ??

Alice’s Wonder Slime is popular with OTs and kids on the spectrum alike because it’s less “messy” compared to playdough and works the muscles in little hands to help with fine motor skills. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“For kids with tactile defensiveness or general aversions to textures and getting messy, slime can be a fun way to develop a tolerance to new tactile experiences.” The Sensory Toolbox

“Treatment for Tactile Defensiveness SPD treatment should involve the consultation of an occupational therapist. Some therapies may include: • Playing with texture materials, such as play dough, goo yuck, or slime.”

“Fine Motor Activities with Slime A sensory dough like play dough or therapy putty is pretty well-known tool for building fine motor skills in kids. Have you ever tried using slime to address hand strength and dexterity that is needed for functional tasks?”

Our slime comes in a variety of textures. Original is soft and squishy and slimey. Butter is firmer and great for gentle streching and squashing. Our Crystal Slime is rubbery and mesmerizing.

Speech Therapists, use the slime to blow bubbles for those oral muscle exercises that get so repetitive. We stick a straw into it and blow enormous bubbles.